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DJ Tira reacts to claims of snubbing an old woman



DJ Tira was fixed in a tight corner following allegations from fans that he has frame of mind issues.

A video of the DJ was seen by certain fans and in the video, an elderly person gave achieving a shot for DJ Tira while he just strolled pass her, going to the phase to perform. However, peeps felt he censured the gogo.

In any case, on having a similar video fans taken a stab at utilizing agianst him, he clarified that, he didn’t see the elderly person and it’s not of his propensity to scorn.

“I didnt see that woman endeavoring to welcome me 💔, on the off chance that you know me you would know I wouldnt simply disregard somebody attempting to indicate me adore. I surmise I exchanged into the zone every moment early.” Tira shared.


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