Photo: Nomzamo Mbatha was once a beauty pageant queen

Photo: Nomzamo Mbatha was once a beauty pageant queen

Nomzamo Mbatha

 grew as a child wanting to be part of a beauty pageant, however, no one knows what happened to that dream.

The activist did a throwback of when she partook in a beauty pageant as a little girl.

Nomzamo shared a photo of herself wearing a crown and said that was the first and last time she was involved in beauty pageant as her Dad disliked it.

“My dad hated pageants so much and when he heard my mom had entered me into one at my crèche he was so upset! First and last time I was ever in one, I think.” Nom said.

However, Nomzamo can be said to be a multi-talented lady, from TV-presenting to acting and here she is confessing she once had a thing to do with beauty pageant. We’re sure, she’s got other amazing skills to unleash in the future.


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