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Lasizwe reacts to critics on his E! Africa’s outfit



Web based life influencer, Lasizwe shook tables with his outfit worn to the E! Africa’s fifteenth year festivity.

Twitter came hard on him for his “unbalanced dress” and he was exhorted not to be in such wear.

However, while fans were so bitter, the star was full of joy in his heart as he got the result he wanted concerning his outfit.

Addressing TshishaLIVE about the responses on his dress, the influencer stated:

Addressing TshishaLIVE about the responses on his dress, the influencer stated:

“This season I am going hard! I need every one of my hopes to change body ease and to summon responses. With yesterday’s outfit, I got the ideal response I was searching for… I purposely made myself the symbol of atonement so as to demonstrate a point!

“Numerous guys have accomplished something comparable for instance Riky Rick in a video moving in his clothing and robe. Everybody had blended responses to that video but since he was straight he could pull off it and perform in his clothing. With me then again, that image incited homophobia, tormenting and body disgracing possibly in view of my age or my sexuality. We live in the 21st Century where we reserve the privilege to convey what needs be unreservedly.”

“I need to be the symbol youthful gays gaze upward to and draw motivation from. I need to demonstrate to a point regardless we live in a tragic reality where you have to look ‘straight’ and not wear cosmetics or communicate femininely to be in a basic leadership meeting room meeting. It needs to change and I need to roll out that improvement. I need to turn into a style symbol and that requires some strong moves.” Lasizwe said.

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